Custom Fitted Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Ted Simons

The bright, white smile we used to think was unattainable is now within our grasp, thanks to the many teeth whitening treatments that can remove staining and yellowing. Teeth look whiter, healthier and our smile looks more attractive. But with the wide choice of off-the-shelf products in store as well as professional whitening services carried out in the Dentist’s chair, how do you decide which treatment would be right for you?

Westside Dentistry are using their expertise as suppliers of dentures Brisbane, to manufacture custom fitted bleaching trays to give their clients a third option, custom fitted home whitening kits. Dr Jay Hsing from University of Queensland Dental School also sees patients at Westside. He says that Westside’s home whitening kits are demonstrably better than off-the-shelf kits and can produce results as good as, if not better than, a teeth whitening treatment from a Dentist – and at a considerable cost saving too.

Unsurprisingly, these take-home whitening kits are incredibly popular with Westside Dentistry patients! For more information on the service and whether it is right for you, why not arrange a consultation by calling 07 3278 0580 today?

The Advantages of Custom Fitted Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

These kits provide patients with a very simple and cost-effective method of having their teeth whitened. True, the process is lengthier than a whitening appointment with a Dentist, but the flexibility offered, ease of use and the lower costs make it a hugely attractive option in every sense of the phrase.

All patients considering the option of a home whitening treatment have an appointment with our Dentist to get their teeth thoroughly checked for any cavities or decay. If any are found they will need to be treated before going ahead with tooth whitening as the gel used for bleaching can cause discomfort if it should get into a tooth cavity.

The next step is to clean the patient’s teeth, removing any scale or tartar, leaving them in the best possible condition for whitening.

The final preparatory step is to take impressions of both the upper and lower jaw. From these impressions, their laboratory makes custom-fitted trays that will hold the bleaching gel in contact with the patient’s teeth during the whitening process for the best possible results.

Westside Dentistry has its own laboratory on site as they are specialists in the manufacture of dentures Brisbane, so patients only have a short wait and can come back to collect their kit within a day or two.

Why Is Custom-Fit A Better Option Than Off-The-Shelf Kits?

  1. Because the bleaching trays are a perfect fit for your mouth, they ensure the best possible result because the bleaching gel only touches your teeth, not your gums as well. Ill-fitting off-the-shelf options do not afford this luxury with the potential for damaged gums.
  2. Over the counter kits come with a standard strength of bleaching gel. However, at Westside, the correct strength is determined on a patient-by-patient basis by Dr Hsing, in order to avoid any possible damage to teeth and to achieve the best possible result.

When patients come to pick up their custom fitted, take home teeth whitening kit, the first thing that happens is that the bleaching trays are checked to ensure they fit perfectly and comfortably. To enable comparison afterwards, the shade of a patient’s teeth before the start of the process will be noted.

Any patient questions will be answered, the correct procedure for use is explained and an instruction leaflet is provided for reference. Once Dr Hsing and the patient are both completely happy the patient can go home and use their kit with confidence.

We can promise you our care and attention at each stage of the process and we have many happy patients who have used our home whitening kits to safely, effectively get the bright smile they want!

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