Paleo Diets for Athletes – The best choice for fitness!

Ted Simons

In this competitive world everyone is busy and everybody is running to achieve success. However, in every phase of life a balanced diet plays a pivotal role. It helps you to stay fit physically and mentally and nourishes your body to take the grind. Diet should be given due consideration which should be in sync with our regular activities.

It is not just about eating whatever you can grab, but consuming the right type of food which generates the required energy for our body. It is very common for a shady supplement to claim jaw dropping transformation, but understanding what is possible and how to achieve it is the best way to lose weight and build amazing muscles.

Sounds interesting? – Lets dig deeper!

Overconsumption of grains rich in carbohydrates result in increased generation of sugar in our body. Now depending on the lifestyle of the person, this sugar is either burned as energy or gets deposited as fat. As per Scarborough Chiropractor “Dr. Adam Rocchi”, this fat is the main culprit which contributes to obesity, diseases, and various other health issues as per various Paleo experts.

Also, grains contain lectins and gluten. Gluten is not digested by the human body easily. This protein found in barley, and wheat can give rise to a lot of complications in human beings such as joint pain, acid reflux etc. Lectins are not welcomed much by the gastrointestinal tract and leads to various complications.

The bottom line here is that over-consumption of grains causes an array of problems.

No Sugar, No grains, and no processed food – A Healthy diet for athletes

As per Scarborough Chiropractor “Dr. Adam Rocchi”, athletes must follow a healthy and strict no carb diet which would make their body stronger, healthier, and fitter.

Less carbs means less glucose in the system which will be the trigger to start burning the stored fat and consecutively improved physical fitness to take the grind of high adrenaline sports.

There are various diet plans suggested by Scarborough Chiropractor“ Dr. Adam Rocchi” which takes into account the energy requirements of athletes and plan the diet accordingly. The idea is recommend a diet similar to our Stone Age ancestors which is not practically feasible always. Hence, the deviations are suggested purely based on the requirement of the body. These deviations are normal due to the requirements of athletes for increased energy and improved stamina.


Now, let’s have a succinct and concise look on protein intake by Scarborough Chiropractor “Dr. Adam Rocchi”. This fact must be very well noted that protein intake by our body is not fixed. It is not compulsory for you to have a specific amount of protein every time you eat your meal. The idea is to reduce the intake of sugar, grains, and processed food and follow a diet plan similar to our Stone Age ancestors who were much more fitter, healthier, stronger, and perhaps happier than us.

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