Importance of Taking Water in a Weight Loss Program

There are many benefits to drinking water including helping with digestion, having healthy looking skin, and speeding up weight loss. Many people are not aware of these benefits since they know little about their daily water intake requirements. That is why we, at Your Health Hub, want you to have the facts ready as you embark on your weight loss journey.

Let us first look at the body’s daily water intake requirement 

It is recommended that you should on average take about 2 litres of water a day. However, daily water requirement might vary depending on individual and environmental factors including occupation. Daily water intake requirements will be higher among:
Breastfeeding mothers
People who work outdoor under hot temperatures.

Let us now have a look at the importance of water in a weight loss plan.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant
Drinking water helps you avoid overeating. When you take water, your stomach senses that it is full, which triggers a message in the brain to stop the urge for food. Hunger pangs are associated with cravings for junk food which contributes to weight gain. Additionally, drinking water helps in weight loss since you avoid over eating which is occasioned by the body’s inability to differentiate between thirst and hunger.

Water speeds up calorie burning
Drinking water helps burn calories as it increases energy expenditure. When you drink water, your body registers an increased energy expenditure even when resting since it has to be maintained at a certain temperature before being absorbed into the blood. Cold water is more so useful in calorie burning as the body expends more energy to heat it.

Water helps in waste removal
Water plays a crucial function in waste removal. The kidneys can optimally perform while retaining vital electrolytes and nutrients when your body is properly hydrated. Dehydration causes the kidneys and the rest of the body to retain waste, which can drag you down in your quest to lose weight and also make you ill.

Drinking water helps lower liquid calorie intake
You can easily accumulate calories through consumption of soft drinks, sports drinks, tea or coffee. You can avoid gaining weight by drinking water in place of such drinks. Water will not only help you avoid gaining weight but will help maintain your momentum in weight loss.

Water helps in burning fat
Water plays a vital role in the metabolism of stored fats. Water combines with triglycerides to form fatty acids and glycerol in the lipolysis process. The body is thus, able to convert stored carbohydrates for fuel, which helps you reduce weight.

Water helps with workouts
Exercise is an essential aspect of every weight loss program. Water helps in lubricating the joints and connective tissues besides helping increase the performance of body organs during exercise. Drinking enough water also helps reduce muscle cramps and fatigue which can be a significant drawback to exercise in a weight loss plan.

Drinking water is key to a healthy weight loss program. Your body requires to replenish its fluid levels for it to achieve optimal results in maintaining your progress. Incorporate water intake into your weight loss program for long-lasting effects.