Importance of Taking Water in a Weight Loss Program

There are many benefits to drinking water including helping with digestion, having healthy looking skin, and speeding up weight loss. Many people are not aware of these benefits since they know little about their daily water intake requirements. That is why we, at Your Health Hub, want you to have the facts ready as you […]

Is Your Belly Fat Becoming A Danger To Your Health?

Johan Jeronimus, an Ealing chiropractor at Neuroworks Chiropractic says that an expanding waistline is a problem that many men experience as they get older. We have hectic and often stressful lifestyles, jobs that are demanding mentally but have us sitting at a desk all day. When we get home, we are too exhausted to exercise […]

Walking: What Are The Benefits

Any physical activity, but particularly walking, is fantastic for the entire body.  Its effects are holistic and affect not only physical health, but also social, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Your Scarborough chiropractor is here to help.  If you would like to know more about how walking may benefit you and your health, call the practice […]